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Find the full story behind your data

We offer consultancy based on innovative data analysis to optimize time, processes, and resources, strengthen decision-making, and increase transparency for smaller and medium-sized NGOs.

The goals are intended to foster action over the next few years in areas of critical importance to humanity and the planet. With our expertise, humanitarian organizations save time and resources, focusing on implementing strategies with one or more of the 17 SDGs.

Transforming our world: the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.


Is your NGO using your data and reporting tools to their full potential?

If you're using Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Jet Reports to generate streamlined, comprehensive reports, then you're ahead of the curve. 

The question is : Are you getting everything you've paid for? 

repdev harnesses the power of Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Jet Reports into an EOGD data analysis method that is designed to extract all the "Juice" out of your data and get you the full potential of what you're paying for.

Microsoft Nav

Jet Reports

Using your data to their full potential
Reporting for NGOs

Are you utilizing the most efficient reporting  accessible for NGOs?

Work smarter with your reporting tools, not harder. Repetitive tasks, data crunching and updating should (and can) be all automated. Empower those who work in your organization to focus on the vision and purpose of why you do what you do.


repdev assists organizations in integrating reporting tools so your experts can focus on doing what is most important, adding value to your organization.

Microsoft Nav

Jet Reports


Power BI


repdev provides NGOs with the benefit of an EOGD method of data analysis by:

supporting project management with real-time information.

using relevant data to inform the decision-making process.

optimizing the use of resources and time.

improving transparency, credibility and traceability of funding and results.

providing real-world scaffolding necessary for sustainable growth.

Repdev data analysis for NGO

Let's EOGD your data

A method of data analysis that is designed to extract all the "Juice" out of your data



Analysis is ad-hoc, data is used once and tossed aside, and almost everything lives in a spreadsheet.


Analysis is repeatable within departments and focuses on trying to understand the past.


Analysis follows organizational standards and is shared across departments.


Data is seen as an asset and governed accordingly. Analysis helps inform decision making processes.


Define the maturity of the existing data and analytical structure that fuels the management reports in place. Then adopt a strategy where the data set is managed in a unique, standardized and centralized way to feed all institutional reports.


Data and analytics are core to the organization’s culture and operations. Output is actionable.



Understand the current analytical structure, assess its coherence and define the lacking analytical axis in order to strengthen existing institutional and new set of reports.





Microsoft Nav

Finance Management

Human Resources

Sales & Marketing





Consult with operational & thematic end-users as well as decision-makers to determine the data they expect, the most relevant layout and format, and the appropriate level of aggregation in the new set of reports.



Design and maintain an automated scheduling system to generate and distribute new sets of reports to the various operational & thematic end-users as well as decision-makers and external stakeholders.

All Departments

All Thematics

Hierarchical Levels




Stephan Decaillet

Stephan Decaillet

Innovative reporting developer


I've worked as a Finance Manager in the field of humanitarian demining for 17 years. I focused on building healthy reporting environments, providing reliable data to all internal and external stakeholders, and contributing to sound decision-making.

For over
10 years, I’ve used the tools provided by Microsoft Dynamics Nav ERP and solutions like Jet Reports, Tableau or Power BI, Excel and SharePoint.

In early
2021, I started a Certificate of Advanced Studies in Digital Transformation. My studies and diploma thesis helped me shape my concept of a reporting environment that would bring organizations closer to the goals of the "Grand Bargain" agreement, and improve the efficiency and effectiveness of humanitarian action by 2030.

My current mission is to support NGOs in assessing the quality of their data and access it through reliable and automated reporting.


to find the full story
your data 

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